No time, no problem. Eat the Frog is a 24-hour gym—with group classes after midnight.

Has life happened and caused you to no longer make it to your favorite group fitness class? Do you wish there was a class available even after midnight? This new virtual group fitness center is the answer to your workout woes.

Eat the Frog Fitness will open its first North Carolina location next month in Charlotte at The Metropolitan. A second location in Chapel Hill will follow soon after.

“The Metropolitan is a great area with lots of foot traffic,” Rob Parker, co-owner of Eat the Frog Chapel Hill, told CharlotteFive. “We’re hoping to bring something new to the area other than just a restaurant.”

What to expect

To give you a visual on what to expect, think Orange Theory-style but available 24 hours a day, and the actual classes are taught by a virtual trainer.

The space will have two large IMAX screens set up on each side. One screen will be for the cardio portion of the workout and the other for strength. Each class is 55 minutes and can hold up to 24 people at a time.

Courtesy of Eat the Frog Fitness

Before beginning your workouts, you will go through a fitness assessment, which will include a 1,500 meter row, a sit and reach, and a couple of tempo exercises to test your physical ability. Similar to Orange Theory, you will be hooked up to a heart rate monitor during each workout. Trainers will map out an 8-week plan for you based on your assessment, and every 8 weeks you will be re-assessed to see if you are on target.

The on-screen trainers will take you through a high intensity, low impact workout using a variety of equipment. This means it is great for anyone, no matter your fitness level. For cardio, you’ll incorporate spin bikes and row machines. You will primarily use TRX, sandbags and Nubells for the strength portion.

“The sandbags help clients to utilize their core more. Nubells are circular weights that you grip in your hand and can also be attached to a bar if needed,” Parker said.

Each class finishes with a foam rolling session.

While each workout will be taught from the screen, during peak morning and evening hours, a certified personal trainer will be present to provide that extra push and to help with executing the exercises properly.

There will be designated class times via the app that you can sign up for literally anytime, day or night.

History of the brand

Courtesy of Eat the Frog Fitness

Decathlon athlete and Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay is one half of the brains behind this high tech brand. As the “World’s Greatest Athlete” he wanted to turn his personal training regimen into a full gym setting.

“The name Eat The Frog actually comes from an old Mark Twain saying,” Parker explained. “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.’ What this means is to take your hardest task of the day, which for most people is working out, and knock it out first so that you can go on with your day.”

The on-site trainers are all about building that relationship with clients and keeping them on track. They want to make sure that you are consistent with your workouts and getting the results that you are after.

Eat the Frog is set to open to the public on Oct. 29. If you sign up in advance, you can get a free two-week sneak peek starting Oct. 14.

Eat the Frog Fitness

1111 Metropolitan Ave., Ste. 110
Instagram: @eatthefrog_charlotte