56 Modern Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas 52 Modern Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas 52

There is something quite magical about coastal living. Whether you are in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia or the Americas, owning waterfront property is something that most of us seem to aspire to. When we go on vacation, we often choose hotels, villas and cottages by the beach. But why are so many of us enamored by sea views? Just what is it that appeals to us about a rolling ocean and those endless cyan skies?

Many home seekers will gladly trade more than a few extra square feet and a view of the neighbor’s yard, for a smaller place that offers even the slightest glimpse of water. Perhaps it’s part of the pioneering human spirit to long for travel and adventure; the lure of what lies unknown beyond a distance horizon. Maybe the simple sense of comfort and safety one gets from gazing out as the elements battle it out over the waves, is the deciding factor.

Some can’t get enough of the calm brilliance of a serene summer seascape, others long for lightening strikes and restless, towering crests. Artists have tried to capture the relentless majesty of the ocean for centuries, and generations of painters and photographers have filled gallery walls around the globe with untamed maritime imagery. Whatever reason we choose, sea views have an unquestionable allure.

There seems to be a different vibe too, in coastal towns. Somehow the serene, permanent presence of lapping waves help create a laid back, contemplative and fun attitude to life. Coastal community residents seem to take everything in their stride, and enjoy dining al fresco, playing beach sports, swimming, fishing, beachcombing, and generally promenading along, gently caressed by a subtle sea breeze. From watching the first rays of morning light appear over an east coast horizon, to bathing in the warm glow of a setting sun on a west coast beach, our affinity to the sea seems unshakable.

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