52 Inspiring Minimalist Walk Closets Design Ideas

Inspiring Minimalist Walk Closets Design Ideas 40 Inspiring Minimalist Walk Closets Design Ideas 40

Looking at celebrity closets is a great way to get storage and display ideas for your own walk-in. Closets are getting so big that a lot of people are actually turning bedrooms in their homes into luxury changing areas with boutique style settings. They are reserving their actual closets for storing out of season clothing, sports equipment and linens.

If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to becoming a closet, consider redesigning an existing walk-in or utilizing a corner or wall of your room to becoming a clothing and shoe storage showcase. You can use a room divider or hang a curtain to hide the wardrobe area, or you can make it beautiful enough to show off.

If you dedicate a wall to becoming a closet, of sorts, then you can really let your imagination run wild. Check out images of celebrity closets online and take note of the features that you like best. For example, if you have a lot of shoes, you may want to install slanted shelves that showcase your collection.

If not, you might opt for a low-profile “box” that hides inconspicuously below your hanging clothes. You can have a hinged lid that opens and closes, while the box spans the length of your closet design. Shoes and other items can be kept out of sight, but easily found when you need them.

One way to make your closet design interesting is to break it up. Instead of simply having a row of drawers, a hanging bar and then a row of shelves, try to make it more staggered. Have two shelves with three drawers underneath. Then on the other side, you can install a deeper drawer with a laundry cabinet underneath.

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